2. Protest march of the cultural workers
Saturday, Oct. 10th 2020

we are on! #Red alert: Large demonstration of the event industry Wednesday, 09.09.2020 Berlin, 12: 05h

We demand
a monthly existence money economic support
to cover our cost of living

Adequate “entrepreneur wages” for artists, freelancers, sole proprietorships
with realistic application requirements
"Assets" such as life insurance, savings, investments
and real estate should remain protected.

ARTISTS! HELP! NOW! was brought to life by Berlin artists / acrobats and variety artists and took to the streets for the first time on August 9, 2020 in Berlin with the demand for an immediate “subsistence allowance”.

We defend ourselves against unequal treatment and call on our freelance colleagues as well as all permanent artists and our audience to support us in solidarity.

Our long-term plan is to found an umbrella association: an “Academy of Artists” for independent cultural workers.

Countless solo independent cultural workers are due to the Corona crisis robbed of their livelihood!

In contrast to the extensive Corona stimulus packages for the economy and the publicly funded culture, the federal government is completely ignorant of the everyday needs of freelancers in the cultural sector.

The State Minister for Culture and Media refers us to the “Hartz IV basic security”, but the bureaucracy of the social welfare offices and job centers ignores the reality of the creative people who have often been independent for years and the processing of applications often does not work.
We are not unemployed - we have been allowed to just don't work since March 2020!

This not only applies to artists, actors and singers, but also to people in the field of make-up, costume, sound and lighting technology, organization, direction and authors, etc.

The federal government and the federal states shift responsibility to one another, and politicians still have no prospect of when they can work again and when they can expect a regular income.

Why a protest march by cultural workers?

Art is important!

Art mirrors and reflects society, prevents radicalization, depicts diversity of opinion and thus contributes to democratic discourse. Art should therefore be viewed as relevant to the system and taken seriously.

Cultural or artistic education also makes a significant contribution to development of the individual and the development of social skills in children and adolescents.
It is important that many cultural institutions are kept afloat by the culture-support package during the Coronavirus. Nevertheless, countless free events and festivals have been cancelled and many venues cannot operate profitably in spite of the re-opening because in some cases only 30% of the seats may be sold. The federal or state governments should finance the seats that are left vacant.
We demand that the government demonstrate its appreciation for freelance artists who make up a large part of the culture. At the moment we are following protocol, cancelling performances thereby acting responsibly for our society. It would only be fair then if society and the state in turn acted responsibly by helping us to survive.

Culture as an economic factor - don't let the creative industry starve!

The culture and creative industries generate approximately 100 billion euros annually, which is 3% of the GDP. Additionally, 1.7 million jobs depend on the cultural industry, more than in any other sector.
Other branches of the economy, such as the tourism industry, in which there is also a high risk of infection, are currently given preferential treatment.
It is extremely short-sighted not to support self-employed artists - and beyond that all self-employed creative people - with an economic stimulus package and thus starve this branch of the economy.


Artists of all genres are invited to join our protest march.
The Parade is subdivided into different parade ‘blocks’, which will be arranged based on artistic trades, existing casts, clubs, initiatives and institutions.

Und: Jede/r ist willkommen und wichtig! Auch Kurzentschlossene und Einzelpersonen sind herzlich eingeladen, sich spontan in unseren Demonstrationszug einzureihen.

In order for everyone to easily discuss and arrange the concepts, costumes, organization and networking of your block, we have created the following Facebook group:


Dear audience!

We would be pleased if you would form your own block. You can support our cause by bringing banners and posters with our request.

Here are some ideas fot the slogans:

Help! Artists! Now!

Art is important!

Financial support for artists!

Don't forget solo freelancers!

Save the artists!

Artists in need!


Everyone must have a face mask/covering that must be worn at all times when you are not able to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from others.
Every group will appoint one person per 40 people who will ensure that those requirements are met. That person should yellow Security Vest which we will provide.

We ask everyone to adhere strictly to our Hygiene Guidelines.


Press contact: 

Magy da Silva, Tel: 0174 69 66 842

E-mail: magydasilva@gmx.de

All artists that want to get involved, please join this facebook group


Money makes the world go 'round... Of course we have some expenses to make this event happen. It would be wonderful if you could help us to cover the costs by making a donation.

Here you can make your donation: Support us


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